Troll attorney lawyers up, admits he never met his “client” Alan Cooper

By Timothy B. Lee

Brett Gibbs, an attorney for copyright-trolling firm Prenda Law, is in a tight spot. A Minnesota man named Alan Cooper has accused Prenda of stealing his identity and making him the head of two litigious shell companies called “AF Holdings” and “Ingenuity 13.” Earlier this month, an angry California judge ordered Gibbs to appear in his courtroom on March 11 to explain himself, and he invited both Gibbs and defense attorney Morgan Pietz to file written comments on the issue. Both did so on Tuesday.

Apparently realizing the legal danger he’s in, Gibbs has hired attorney Andrew Waxler to represent him. As Fight Copyright Trolls notes, Waxler focuses “primarily defending lawyers in malpractice actions.”

“Mr. Gibbs has strived to be honest and forthright with this Court, and all courts during his legal career,” Waxler writes.

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