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YC’s Altman Thinks Reddit’s Community Ownership Experiment Could Be A Model

The thought of using crypto-currencies to back shares of a company first crossed Y Combinator head Sam Altman’s mind about two years ago. “It was an idle thought that popped into my head,” he said. “It was not until Reddit reached out to me about fundraising that I thought about it again.” So when he decided to lead Reddit’s $50 million Series B… Read More

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Four charged with stealing intellectual property from US Army, Microsoft

In an indictment unsealed today, the Justice Department revealed that it had charged four men with stealing information from the US Army, Microsoft, and a host of other game developers. Two of the charged men pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

The unsealed indictment—which was returned by a federal grand jury in April—alleges that starting in 2011, the four men targeted Microsoft and stole “Log-In Credentials, Trade Secrets, and Intellectual Property pertaining to its Xbox gaming system,” specifically the still-in-development Xbox One.

The four men also allegedly turned to Epic Games and used SQL injection attacks “and other incidents of unauthorized access” like stolen passwords to pilfer “unreleased software, source code, and middleware” from the upcoming Gears of War 3 title.

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Here’s How Windows 10 Will Make Your Mouse And Fingers Get Along

Earlier today during its event in San Francisco, Microsoft played a video detailing how its coming Windows 10 operating system will handle a fusion of touch, and more traditional mouse-based input. I filmed a bootleg copy, but Microsoft just published a more polished version, so you are in luck. Handling both touch and mouse input is a rough line to walk, given that computing form… Read More

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Bookstores, publishers sue to stop law against “revenge porn”

“Revenge porn” is a term that’s developed over the last few years to refer to the posting of nude images without the consent of those pictures. After a spate of publicity surrounding some of the bad actors in this business, several states have passed laws outlawing “revenge porn” and applying penalties.

Now, a coalition of businesses and the American Civil Liberties Union have filed a lawsuit (PDF) challenging the anti-revenge-porn laws. They’ve picked Arizona as their battleground. One of the lead lawyers on the case, Michael Bamberger, told the National Law Journal that Arizona’s law is “probably the most egregious,” because it has no requirement that the images even be malicious, and it could include images taken in a “commercial or public setting.”

“This is a supposed revenge-porn statute that does not require revenge,” said Bamberger.

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A Messaging Giant Goes Public In Korea And DCM Reaps The Rewards

As the mobile messaging company Kakao Corp. gets ready to celebrate the culmination of its long-awaited initial public offering on the Korean stock exchange, a world away, on Sand Hill Road, the partners at venture capital firm DCM are probably getting ready to do some celebrating of their own. Three years after its initial investment in Kakao, the venture firm will be able to harvest the… Read More

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Continuum: Microsoft finally makes touch and mouse make sense together

One of the things shown off in the Continuum video: A modified Start screen, that incorporates elements of the Start menu.

The most important thing that Microsoft showed at its Windows 10 unveiling in San Francisco today won’t actually be in the Technical Preview that’s shipping tomorrow.

Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of the operating systems group, showed a video of what he called a “design motion study” of a feature he called Continuum.

The Continuum design study.

With Windows 8 and 8.1, a wealth of hybrid machines that in one way or another act like tablets and laptops—machines such as the Lenovo Yoga and Surface Pro—hit the market, and Microsoft says that they’ve been very popular among their buyers. However, those buyers somewhat fell between the cracks.

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ERA Demo Day Has Something For Everyone From Truckers To Teens

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator unveiled their latest cohort today in New York, with companies launching services for everyone from chief executives on the go to college kids looking for the meaning behind their messages to a subscription based perfume service to give women and men new scents to make great memories. Behind the glass and steel walls of the Frank Gehry-designed… Read More

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Go To TechCrunch Disrupt Europe: London For Free #TCDisrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt is coming to London this October, and to celebrate we’re giving away a free pair of tickets to the main event. All you have to do is fill out the entry form and come up with the best caption for this photo of Kyle wearing Google Glass. We’ll select the winning entry, and the winner will be notified by email. About TechCrunch Disrupt: Disrupt is one of the… Read More

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Tony Hsieh Steps Down From Vegas Downtown Project

Tony Hsieh, the CEO and founder of Zappos has stepped down from his leadership role at the Las Vegas Downtown Project, according to Re/code. Hsieh created the massive $350 million project to revitalize several city acres east of Las Vegas Boulevard and convert the area into a tech hub. Hsieh’s announcement comes right on the heels of a massive 30 person layoff at the project. Hsieh… Read More

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Windows 10 in pictures: A new Start menu puts focus back on the desktop

The Start menu is back where it used to be, but now includes traditional desktop elements alongside the live tiles designed for tablets.

11 more images in gallery

As announced earlier today, the next version of Windows is Windows 10. Skipping right over Windows 9, Microsoft is trying to blend the best bits of the desktop-centric Windows 7 with the best parts of the tablet-centric Windows 8. Microsoft isn’t quite going up to eleven yet, but it’s close.

Instead of the full-screen Start screen of Windows 8, there’s a Start menu that will look familiar to Windows 7 users while adding the live tiles created for Windows 8. Windows 10 features new options for re-sizing windows, multiple desktops, and a convenient “task view” to switch between them. The Windows command prompt is also being dragged into the 21st century.

Microsoft focused a lot today on how it’s improving the desktop, but that doesn’t mean Windows isn’t for tablets anymore. A touch-screen device that docks with a keyboard, for example, will switch from desktop mode to tablet mode depending on whether it’s attached to the keyboard or disconnected.

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