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Google’s DeepMind Acqui-Hires Two AI Teams In The UK, Partners With Oxford

Earlier this year Google acquired DeepMind in the UK to expand the work that it is doing in artificial intelligence, and today the company announced that it is making some more significant moves to build this out even further.
It is acqui-hiring the two academic teams of founders, seven people in all, behind Dark Blue Labs and Vision Factory, two deep learning startups, and it is also… Read More

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Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition pops up, still no Lollipop

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still making its way to some markets, an unexpected variant of the Samsung flagship has appeared almost out of nowhere. The Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition, compatible with Verizon’s network, has shown up in the manufacturer’s online store. But as much as this developer-friendly smartphone is a welcome surprise, its existence does bring …

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