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Dish and Turner strike temporary deal, channels return

Dish Network and Turner have settled their dispute — for now, at least — and the channels that went dark as a result have now been restored. This follows news last month that the two companies were going at it over a contract dispute, something that led to CNN, Cartoon Network, and some other well known channels being pulled. The …

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Elon Musk says Gigafactory deal is “extremely good” for Nevada

Tesla Motors announced in early September that Nevada had been selected as the destination for its Gigafactory, something that has since been criticized as the result of manipulation and other unsavory tactics. Elon Musk has now addressed these reports, saying that he loves “backhanded compliments as much as the next person,” but that the claims aren’t true. He goes on …

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Apple will pay $450M—or, maybe just $70M—to settle e-book claims

More details are now public about the deal Apple reached in June to settle claims that it engaged in price-fixing in the e-book market. That settlement was approved by a federal judge on Friday. It’s an unusual one, in which Apple essentially bets the outcome in its class-action lawsuit on the outcome of another case.

In 2011, Apple got sued in a class-action case, where a class of e-book buying consumers was ultimately joined by attorneys general of various states. The Department of Justice also came after Apple for price-fixing, and the government won that case in 2013.

Apple has appealed its loss to DOJ. In the class-action, Apple and plaintiffs’ lawyers have agreed that the outcome of that case should rest on how the appeal turns out.

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Yahoo Acquires Photo Startup Cooliris

Photo app-maker Cooliris just announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo. The company was founded in 2006 and was initially known for creating a “3D wall” for navigating photos and other media content. More recently, its focus shifted to an app (also called Cooliris) that allowed users to browse photos from across services like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. It also launched… Read More

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